PAGE was founded to organize against oppressive government and institutional agendas. However, we can’t achieve this goal without interrogating our own privileges and complicity. It is our belief that, as Audre Lorde states, “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” We must examine our individual thoughts, relationships with others, and methods of change to make sure that they are not reproducing cycles of oppression.


PAGE organizes across a diverse set of countries, cultures, and individuals. We cannot ignore the power dynamics of our locations - sometimes in countries dependent on the US for aid or alliances - and our membership. Our meetings bring together people from powerful countries and backgrounds and people traditionally seen as having less power. This reality means that oppression appears not only in our politics, but in our daily interactions.


We aim to confront these dynamics and engage fully with the privileges we have as individuals and a group. We encourage chapters to strategize around how we may use our varied privileges for progressive, anti-racist, feminist, and anti-oppressive causes.


PAGE is committed to creating less oppressive spaces, tactics, and communities. Throughout our toolkit, partnerships, leadership structures, and weekly actions, we try to incorporate anti-oppressive activities and tools. We have also created resources (link coming soon) for individuals or groups who want to learn more about anti-oppression.


Progressive Action, Global Exchange (PAGE) educates, equips, and mobilizes US Americans abroad and global citizens to fight the Trump agenda; take action against the rise of hate, exclusion, bigotry, and inequality in the US and beyond; and build solidarity and community in their countries of residence. ​


We envision a united global network of US Americans and local allies taking concrete action for  social, gender, racial, and economic equality; tolerance and inclusion; and progressive politics, both in the US and around the world.


We hold weekly action groups around the world to build bonds of solidarity and friendship and to take action to positively influence our homes and the communities in which we live. We seek to interrogate our own varied privileges and use them to advance progressive social justice, anti-racist, feminist, and anti-oppression causes.


When Donald Trump was elected president on November 8, 2016, many US Americans and people around the world felt shock, fear, and despair. The election was one event in a global trend towards right-wing and exclusionist politics. We are concerned by the installation of authoritarian regimes around the world; the shock of Brexit; the rise of alt-right and right wing movements in the US, mainland Europe, and beyond. It is easy to feel disconnected and unsure of how to take meaningful action to curb such destructive forces around the world, and fight oppressive, dangerous, and anti-democratic tendencies in our home countries. We seek to change that.

In December 2016, a handful of US Americans living across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the US decided to organize weekly meetings to take concrete action in 2017, strengthen relationships with existing progressive local and global movements, and build community creating a better world.


PAGE is the result of those efforts. We welcome you to join the fight.


PAGE is facilitated by a Global Coordinating Committee (GCC), which provides resources and suggested actions to local groups. The GCC builds networks between countries, manages membership, and curates weekly actions to promote progressive social justice, feminist, anti-oppression, and racial, economic, and environmental justice causes. Members of the GCC have experience as community organizers and are connected with activists, organizers, and political consultants in DC and beyond.

Chapter Leaders organize an action group in their country of residence. Some countries might have multiple chapters, in the capital city or elsewhere. Chapter Leaders stay in regular communication with the GCC.​

Each weekend, the GCC curates resources and sends a list of suggested actions to the Chapter Leaders. These actions may include: calling representatives, writing emails or letters, sharing stories, making donations, network building and advocacy, showing support on social media, linking to local causes, or reading articles and having dialogue. Actions are to be appropriate and feasible for our international group.

Chapters meet on a weekly basis, to complete actions, engage in dialogue, and build community. ​Depending on their context and capacity, chapter leaders may organize actions more closely related to the communities in which they live.


Yes! We welcome people from all countries, whether native to the country of their PAGE chapter or hailing from anywhere else.

Some chapters may consist of mainly US Americans, others may be multi-national. We encourage all chapters to build connections between PAGE and existing local initiatives.


We are stronger together.

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