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Weekly Actions: Mar 20, 2017

March 20, 2017

1. PLEASE DO THIS! Ask a Spanish Bank to divest from DAPL. Our friends at Women’s March Barcelona have organized an amazing online campaign aimed at BBVA, a Spanish bank which has 100 million USD invested in DAPL. BBVA has said it met recently with Sioux leaders, and are revisiting their investment, as they’re concerned about supporting initiatives which violate human rights.  Let’s keep the pressure on BBVA this week to let them know that we’re watching from around the world and want them to divest! Here are some ways to do that.


  • Tweet to BBVA! Here are some sample tweets. Tag us at @PAGEofdemocracy and we’ll retweet you.

    • Hey @BBVA ! The world is watching and wants you to #DivestDAPL. Don’t invest your money in a massive human rights violation!

    • ¡Oye @BBVA! El mundo esta mirando y quiere que BBVA #divestDAPL. ¡No invierta en una gran violación de derechos humanos!

    • We’re watching @BBVA! When will you #DivestDAPL? #noDAPL #waterislife #aguaesvida

    • ¡Estamos mirando, @BBVA! Cuando BBVA va #DivestDAPL? #noDAPL #waterislife #aguaesvida

    • .@BBVA Vas a sacar tu inversión del DAPL ? No quiero que mi dinero pague combustibles fósiles! #NoDAPL #DivestDAPL” – Para que tu mensaje tenga más impacto, etiquete al: (@el_pais,@LaVanguardia,@bbcmundo, @cnnee, @elmundoes, @rtve, @20m, @rac1, @elperiodico, @rne, @La_Ser)

    • .@BBVA are you removing your investment in DAPL?? I don't want my money paying for fossil fuels! #NoDAPL #DivestDAPL

  • Write on the BBVA Facebook page! Use the tweets above to start, and add as much as you like as there is no character limit.

  • Tell your friends to participate. Better yet, tell your friends in Spain to participate! It’s great for BBVA to hear from around the world, but it’s most powerful if the bank hears directly from folks in Spain. Write an email encouraging your friends to reach out to BBVA on social media or divest their funds there. Feel free to draw from the Spanish or English text below if you need to educate your friends about DAPL.

  • Spanish Explanations on DAPL

    • ¿Qué es el DAPL? El proyecto Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) es un proyecto de 3.780 millones de dólares destinados para la construcción de un oleoducto desde los yacimientos de petróleo de Bakken en Dakota del Norte (cerca de la frontera con Canadá) que, atravesando Dakota del Sur y Iowa, llegaría a Patoka, Illinois, donde se conectaría a oleoductos ya existentes para transportar hasta 570.000 barriles de crudo diarios a las refinerías y los mercados del Golfo de México y de la costa este de los Estados Unidos. La agencia federal Army Corps of Engineers aprobó el proyecto en julio de 2016 por procedimiento acelerado (fast track), permitiendo el soterramiento de la tubería para atravesar el río Missouri. Este "mega-oleoducto" tiene 1.886 kilómetros de largo, apenas 11 kilómetros menos que la propuesta del oleoducto Keystone XL que la administración Obama rechazó en noviembre de 2015 después de siete años de litigios. La empresa matriz de la constructora Dakota Access LLC es Energy Transfer Partners, con sede en Texas. En su consejo de administración figura Rick Perry, el ex gobernador de Texas.

    • La Amenaza Se está construyendo el oleoducto cerca de la reserva Sioux de Standing Rock, próximo a Cannon Ball, Dakota del Norte. La tribu dice que el oleoducto profana sitios sagrados, incumple promesas de tratados previos y atenta contra la soberanía tribal, y supone un peligro significativo para su suministro de agua, ya que pasa por debajo del río Missouri, la fuente de agua principal de la reserva. Una propuesta anterior contemplaba que el oleoducto atravesara el río Missouri en el norte de Bismarck, pero las autoridades se mostraron preocupadas por la posibilidad de poner en riesgo el suministro de agua de la capital en caso de producirse un vertido.

  • English Info on DAPL

    • What’s DAPL? The Dakota Access Pipeline Project (DAPL) is a $3.78 billion conduit being built from the oil-rich Bakken fields in North Dakota, near the Canadian border, through South Dakota and Iowa, to Patoka, Illinois, where it will join up with existing pipelines to transport up to 570,000 barrels a day of crude to refineries and markets in the Gulf and on the East Coast. The Army Corps of Engineers approved the project in July 2016 with a “fast-track” option, allowing it to run under the Missouri river. The “mega-pipeline” is 1,172 miles long, making it just 7 miles shorter than the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline that the Obama administration rejected November 2015 after a seven-year battle. The parent company of Dakota Access LLC is Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, whose board of directors includes Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas.

    • The Threat The pipeline is being built near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. The tribe says the pipeline disturbs sacred sites, infringes on past treaty promises and tribal sovereignty, and is a significant danger to their water supply since it passes underneath the Missouri River — the main source of water for the reservation. An earlier proposal had the pipeline crossing the Missouri north of Bismarck, but authorities were concerned about the risk to the capital’s water supply in the advent of a pipeline spill.

2. Please do this! Engage in one of our longer-term efforts. Maybe your PAGE group has been meeting for a while now and doing weekly actions, and you’re ready to dig in a bit deeper in an area that’s important to your country of residence. Great! Here’s a menu of options, from our four areas of focus.  Let us know if you’re interested in one of these, and we will connect you with another PAGE group around the world doing the same project!


  1. Refugees/Immigration

    • You may have heard that this week a Hawaiian judge challenged the Muslim Ban 2. While this is good news, there’s probably more immigration restrictions like this ahead.  PAGE is working on a list of legal and support resources for folks abroad who will be impacted. Write to us if you have ideas or want to help coordinate this.

    • Reach out to local Muslim leaders in your country of residence and ask how you can provide support to them during this time of heightened Islamophobia and immigration bans. Contact us at engage.with.page@gmail.com if you’d like support and advice for this action.

  2. Climate Change and the Environment

    • The March for Science is on April 22. Find out if there’s a sister march in your community. If not, think about organizing one! If that’s not possible, consider reaching out to a scientist in your country of residence, and see if there is an opportunity to promote their work, on social media or through other channels. Reach out to the PAGE network if you’d like to do this, and we can see if we can use our network’s connections to help you do this.

    • The People’s Climate March is April 29. Find out if there’s a sister march in your community. If not, think about organizing one! If that’s not possible, use this opportunity to reach out to an environmental activist in your country of residence, and see if there is an opportunity for your PAGE group to support their work.

    • The growing global climate movement 350.org is organizing global divestment activities the week of May 5-May 13. See if there’s a divestment action in your country of residence ! If not, consider reaching out to local environmental activists to organize one.

  3. Corporation Watch

    • Divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline. As you saw in activity 1, organizers around the world are targeting the banks which have invested in DAPL. See a bank in your country of residence? Reach out to us and we’ll help you get started.

    • Global Trump Boycott. While you might think that most of the resistance action is happening in the US, we have a special edge being abroad in that we can target and organize against Trump’s international businesses. Here’s a map showing where a few of them are; there are probably more.  Consider organizing a boycott in your community of residence.

  4. US Foreign Policy + Aid

    • You may have seen this week that Trump proposed MASSIVE budget cuts to the State Department and USAID. PAGE is organizing a coordinated response here, which will involve coordinating with Indivisible groups in the US, keeping an eye on various congressional committees and organizing global social media pushes. It will be fun! Let us know if you’d like to help.


3. Attention DC residents abroad, and friends of DC residents! Washington DC police chief nominee Peter Newsham is a risk to DC residents and everyone who wants to organize protests and actions in DC. Even Fox News has written an article questioning his capabilities.


For instance, during the inauguration day protests, while Newsham was commanding, “the police violated standard operating procedure...They used tear gas, stingers, and flash-bang grenades on large groups of people without a warning…[including] children, the elderly, and the disabled.”


If you’re a DC resident, use this script from local DC organizers to call the DC police to ask them to block the confirmation. If you have friends in DC, email them and let them know about this.  To support the resistance movement, it’s really important to support the DC community, as so many resistance activities are happening there. Protests are extremely difficult to organize if DC has militarized policing.


4. Check out: Americans Resisting Overseas - Good news! PAGE is setting up a partnership with Americans Resisting Overseas, a neat blog which celebrates the global resistance movement and inspires actions around the world. Americans Resisting Overseas is excited about featuring PAGE’s actions on their website to share what you’re doing and inspire other activists.


Thanks for your actions this week!



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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