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Weekly Actions: July 2, 2017

July 2, 2017

Dear PAGE Activist,


We’re just wondering - do you have a close relationship with your grandpa or auntie? Well, according to the Trump administration, no, you don’t - not if you’re a refugee or if you come from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran or Yemen. This week, the Supreme Court allowed parts of the travel ban (aka the Muslim ban) to be implemented, holding that people in those categories must be able to cite "bona fide" relationships to enter the US. The Trump administration has interpreted the words “bona fide” in a very narrow and arguably arbitrary way (parents or, siblings, but not grandparents, aunts, or uncles), ensuring harm will come from this discriminatory policy.


This week we focus on fighting the Muslim ban, with additional priority actions on LGBTQ rights and healthcare, plus a bonus action on the G20 summit. We’ll focus on what we CAN do, omitting discussion of Trump’s misogynistic tweetorrhea. As revolting as those tweets were, we have more important things to focus on.


As always, our weekly actions are curated for US-Americans abroad and global citizens. If this is your first time receiving a PAGE email, please check out our website and resources for starting a PAGE group.


Thank you for your progressive action!


PAGE Global Coordinating Committee


Priority Actions:

  • Say NO to the Muslim ban. After the first Muslim ban was shot down by courts, the Trump administration issued a revised Executive Order placing a temporary ban on nationals from six countries—Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, and Somalia—and a temporary ban on entry of refugees along with a cap on refugee admissions. Both the 9th Circuit and 4th Circuits placed nationwide injunctions on the Executive Order blocking the ban from going into effect. The Administration then appealed to the Supreme Court, which last week agreed to hear the case in October and allowed part of the ban to go into effect.

    • Understand what’s going on. The revived part of the temporary ban would affect non-U.S. citizens from the six countries without a “credible claim of a bona fide relationship” to a U.S. person or entity. Read more about who may be affected and who may not be affected here. Some argue refugees should be covered under the bona fide relationship test but this isn’t clear; in any case the Trump Administration defines the relationship test very narrowly. Hawaii has filed a lawsuit asking SCOTUS for a clarification of what a bona fide relationship means. It’s unclear how DHS will be enforcing the restored ban (you can read the DHS guidelines here) - this could lead to more lawsuits and chaos at entry points into the U.S.

    • Support organizations fighting the Muslim ban by following them on social media and signing up for alerts! They may need volunteers at international airports in the near future. We recommend Airport Lawyers, the National Immigration Law Center, and International Refugee Assistance Project. You can also donate or and share their infographics!


  • Be vigilant about LGBTQ rights and religious freedom laws. Since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its historic decision recognizing same-sex marriage two years ago, over 200 bills have been introduced in states to roll back LGBTQ rights in the guise of religious freedom and First Amendment defense.

    • Read up on how religious freedom laws have evolved over the years. Since Trump signed an Executive Order on May 4th, proclaiming to support “free speech” and “religious freedom,” things have gotten worse, paving  the way for more such laws at the state level and more discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation.

    • Find out - does your state have one of these religious freedom bills in the legislature? Check here - and if your state does, call your state representatives and tell them that you do not support this bill!

    • At the national level, support the Equality Act — ask your Representative to co-sponsor this legislation!


  • Share the benefits of single-payer healthcare. Many of us abroad enjoy superior healthcare to that offered in the U.S. - not a high bar to clear, since the U.S. system routinely ranks as one of the industrialized world’s least efficientmost expensive and lowest quality. Do you live in a country with single-payer healthcare? We at PAGE are working on an op-ed to share our experiences abroad and make the argument for single-payer in the U.S. If you have a story to tell or would like to get involved, hit us up at engage.with.page@gmail.com (subject line: “Healthcare!”).


Bonus Action:

  • Do you speak German? You’ll need to to figure out this website laying out the Shadow Summit & Protests around the G20 Summit in Hamburg on July 7-8th! Trump will be attending and huge protests are planned. Learn more (in English) here and here - and let us know if you have any ideas for how PAGE can support these protests by writing to us at engage.with.page@gmail.com!










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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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